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About Blogger Plan

Blogger Plan is a personal Blog Site that is focused on teaching about Digital Marketing and Earning Money thru Online. I will be discussing about Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), How to use WordPress as a Beginner to Advance. I will be sharing some great Themes and Plugins that would be useful on your project Blogsite or Website. I personally love to share my knowledge about advance Lead Generation Marketing that can help boost your Business Sales. Blogging is not easy to do, you can write a bunch of Articles but if you have NO knowledge of SEO it’s useless. Having a great looking website without even knowing how to get this organic traffic is totally a crap. In Blogger Plan, you will know all the things that can make your skills fully developed.

About the Author

I am Ryan Melo, a Marketing Specialist of CONS that is based in Kuwait. I study this Digital Marketing and Master the Lead Generation for Five Years. Currently, I am the only person who is supplying all the Applicants for our Company. Making all the Social Media Marketing Campaign and Online Ads by myself. Running a Company with too many competitors in the Market is not that easy. I developed my own strategy by accurate planning and implementation for the Online Presence of our Brand Name. Ranking our Business Map on Search Engine, making some Map Pointers and Citations to boost the Local Seo of our Company. I am a professional blogger with 3 Blog Sites that are earning thousands of dollars thru Google Adsense. I developed this Blogger Plan only to help these other Bloggers who do not know how to Earn More Money from Adsense. To help other Business Owners and Marketing Specialist in doing some useful techniques and strategies to get more sales and income.

Blogger Plan is purely for everyone who wants to learn about Digital Marketing, especially SEO and WordPress. I hope that you will support this Blog Site by sharing my posts with your friends. I want you to Earn Money at Home not only for a month or year but for a lifetime. I know that it is very hard to deal with these Stupid Boss and Fake Co-workers, now its time for you to live a happy life.