2 Steps On How To Start A Blog and Earn Money For Beginners

How To Start A Blog and Earn Money

How to start a blog

Base Information About Blog

To answer everything on how to start a blog, you need to understand first the history regarding this topic. WEBLOG was first introduced by Jorn Barger on December 17, 1997. Eventually, Peter Melholz started to renamed it as BLOG in May 1999. A Personal Journal is written by a single person or a group of people that is published on the Web. The Author keeps it updated on a daily or weekly basis. The term BLOGGER is now considered as the main Author of the Blog Site. He is the sole Admin of his personal written articles, online diary, news writing and so on.

Blogging takes a lot of effort and time to make it properly. Actually, it’s not that easy as you think, writing great articles that will love by Google is crazy. Making some good informative photos that suits your articles is crazy – just kidding. If you love the things that you are doing, you can do everything easy. Blogging is very fun and you will be very happy when people around the world are reading all your articles. For me, that is a great priceless. If you think that you can’t do it then please think 100x, I am here to help, I would be grateful to share my knowledge with you.

Free or Not?

If you want to start blogging without sacrificing even a single penny – yes you can. Many good writers are using some great websites such as blogger.com, medium.com, hubpages.com, and wordpress.com to start in blogging. You can use anything for free and earn money also with them thru their services. Are they good? yes, they are. For me, I can’t say anything wrong with these Companies because they are all the best. Keep in mind that using a Free Service will not give you the full ownership of the Blog Site that you already started. Free Service will surely be lacking some better functionalities that you wanted to have for your own site. Limited modifications and optimizations will be given to all these Free Service. Yes, you can start to work hard and use one of these free sites anytime but you need to consider these things also.

  • Lack of Better Functionalities
  • Limited Modification
  • Limited Optimization
  • The Site is Not Yours
  • They Can Remove Your Site

For Serious Bloggers – WordPress

For Serious Bloggers

Basic Functions and limited resources are not totally qualified if you are planning to move as a full-time professional Blogger. Giving all your best to create an Authority Site is a dream but it is not impossible to obtain. Building well-written articles that you work hard with all your efforts and time will surely make you satisfied if you know they are yours.

I am honored to introduce to you the WORDPRESS, the most powerful tool in making your own Blog Site with unlimited Plugins for your needs. It is an Online Content Management System that is written with PHP that is used in creating great websites and blog sites. WordPress is very easy to use, even non-coders or beginners in the Digital World can use it. 60% of all the website developers and professional bloggers are using this Open Source Tool. Setting up a Blog Site with WordPress is as easy as using your Smartphone. There are 2 things that you need to master with this tool, first, the Themes and second, the Plugins. I will be teaching you how to deal with them and how to make them work for you efficiently. There are some Free Themes and Free Plugins that you can use and are available on the internet for Free Download. If you are not fully satisfied then you can buy these Premium ones, as you like.

Register Your Own Domain Name

The most important part in creating your own Blog Site is to buy and register your own DOMAIN NAME. What is this? basically, this is the name of your blog site or website that you can see on search engines. It can be a combination of letters and numbers, one or more words that come with various extensions like .com, .net and so on. Domain Names are used to identify a website or blog site, instead of using IP that is very difficult to remember. You can purchase your own Domain Name to your Hosting Provider or sometimes it is free if you purchased a Hosting. If you have one and have a technical knowledge to use it then it is much better for you.

Get Your Own Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

this is a service that you can purchase on any Web Hosting Providers Companies to make your website or blog site be seen on the internet. Your blog site and files will be hosted by a special class of computers that are known as servers.

Types of Web Hosting

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS ( Virtual Private Server )
  • Dedicated Server

What is the best for you as a beginner?

99% of all the novice bloggers who are starting up their journey are using Shared Hosting. The most inexpensive among all the web hosting service that you can find. It has the ability to host your Blog Site with a decent amount of viewers with great tools and functionalities. Even some small-scale Company Websites are using this type of service, so there’s nothing to worry. The great thing about this Shared Hosting is that it comes with Free Domain Name and Free SSL that you can use to start. Lots of important tools are available with its own Cpanel, you can install any software if you need to.

Currently, I am now using Hostinger as my Web Hosting Provider for 3 years now. I am very happy with their service not only because their servers are reliable and fast, because of their great support team. I had some issues with my other Blog Sites before and they are very fast in helping me out. They are very happy to help me as their customer and for me, that is the most important in choosing the right Web Hosting Provider. I would greatly recommend their Company to all the readers who are trusting my Blog Site.

Start Your Journey as a Blogger

Now you have the information on how to start a blog and earn money thru Google Adsense and more. Start to make a plan about your first step and I will be here always to assist you all. This topic is just started and it is my pleasure to be a part of your journey in becoming the best. I will be teaching you how to make a proper planning in creating your niche site and how to optimize it for Search Engine.


How To Earn Money with Blogging

How to earn money thru blogging

Nowadays, many people are trying hard to get this what is so-called financial freedom. Blogging can make your dream come true if you just follow all the rules and regulations that Google had provided. The biggest Company in the whole world that can pay thousands of dollars to all the Bloggers is Google Adsense. Actually many would try to disagree with what I’ve said, mainly because there are lots of other Advertising Companies who are paying to all their Publishers as well. In my experience, there is no Company as great as Adsense in terms of earning as a Publisher. Just to be fair, I will be writing down all these Top 5 Best Adsense Alternatives.

  1. Media.net
  2. Popads.net
  3. Propellerads.com
  4. Revcontent.com
  5. Revenuehits.com

So these are the 5 best Google Adsense Alternatives that you can find thru searching the internet. I won’t recommend them all to my viewers because they are not as good as you think ( My Opinion). Be sure to do your homework first before trying them. You can search all the reviews and publishers experiences as your guideline.

Earn More

Aside from registering to any of these Ads Companies, you can still earn money thru other strategies. I used to buy some great digital products for my personal and work use. Digital Marketing and WordPress tools are very useful to all the Bloggers like me. I found out that 80% of all these Digital Shops have this Affiliate Program. Wherein, a member or a registered buyer can actually earn money by selling products from these Vendors thru your own Blog Site. Simply advertise their Products or Services to all your viewers, after that just wait till your first money drops. You can use Social Media to drag all the viewers towards your Blog Site. You can use Online Advertisement Strategies such as Facebook and Instagram Ads or you can use this Google Adwords. Actually, I was very upset when my first 2 weeks of doing these affiliate program. When I started to think of some great and working techniques, all the sleepless night was paid off. In addition, you can use some lead generation strategy and this would bring a never-ending cash flow to your pocket. Simply get all the leads information such as Email Address or Phone Number. You can send some promotional emails and messages to all these potential customers of yours.

A Blog Site plays a big role in Lead Generation Marketing. If you have some decent organic traffic coming to your site then better think some medium where you can catch them. How to transform them into your Potential Paying Customers for your products and services?. You can put this Popup Notification such as SENDPULSE which is free. You can use it for sending million of notifications to all your subscriber on your Blog. Once you already have the big amount of leads then you can start to use them on selling your own products. Thru this you can support some paid advertisement to some businesses around you.

There are lots of tactics that you can use to gain a great amount of money with your Blog Site. You need to study, plan and do some research before trying out. Remember that a good Planner is a great Blogger. Don’t start with zero assurance or else you will just waste your precious time doing the wrong formula. Always read all the things that could help your skills to be developed and try to learn new things.






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